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Cristina Biaggi, Artist

Cristina Baggi has achieved international recognition as a sculptor of bronze and wood pieces.  Using the theme of interconnection, she has also created large outdoor installations using natural materials and ropes.  She has explored collage in the two and three dimensional form, and created works using the sacred spiral.  Her work has been shown in more than 30 solo exhibitions and countless group shows throughout the United States, Europe and Australia, most recently in New York City; Bex, Switzerland; Bonn, Germany; and Vilnius, Lithuania.

Of late, Cristina has been sculpting commissioned portraits of individuals and  their animal companions.  Please be sure to  take a moment to view some of her recent portraits. If you would like to contact the artist for commission work, please click here.

Cristina ventured into the art of illustration in Janine Canan’s recently published book, Journeys with Justine. The book is an original collection of tales describing the adventures and epiphanies of Justine, a contemporary seeker who travels from California to the Olympic Peninsula, New York, France, Bali and India, in search of her Self. Cristina’s illustrations add a light touch which helps connect the reader to Justine’s stories. For more information, visit

A long term project of Cristina’s is The Goddess Mound, a collaborative effort she designed with the late Mimi Lobell (1942-2001), architect.  This formidable outdoor sculpture was inspired using sacred symbols and astronomical calculations to honor the Goddess of Paleolithic and Neolithic times.  The
exterior is a grass-covered earth mound; the inside, which can be entered, is the negative shape of a female figure giving birth. Cristina is seeking a permanent site for The Goddess Mound at a museum, academic institution, sculpture park or open space that can be accessed by the public. For images, architectural details and renderings, please click here.

To view a selection of Cristina’s work, please click here to be taken to the artist’s portfolio.